Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Investment Course

We specialize in providing Cryptocurrency courses to individuals interested in making money from bitcoin and altcoins.

Our goal is to provide a simple but comprehensive training guide that will enable you to trade or invest safely, confidently and profitably in the world of Cryptocurrency.

We have designed an easy to learn investment course. You will learn the quickest and easiest way to get into cryptocurrency investing. You will also learn how to buy and sell bitcoin from different exchanges; storing your bitcoins safely, how to convert bitcoin into altcoins as well as how to cash out and return the money back to your bank account.

The past few years have seen an explosive surge in the value of bitcoin and other cryptos. Bitcoin was sold for around $5 in 2009 when it was first created, since then it has witnessed an astronomical rise in value, being sold for $19,000 as at November 2017.

There was the viral story of a Norwegian man, Kristoffer Koch, who bought 5,000 bitcoins for $27 in 2009. In 2013, his bitcoins were worth over $880,000. He sold one-fifth of his 5,000 bitcoins, making enough money to buy a house in Norway.

During the course, you will learn everything you need to begin investing in cryptocurrency. You'll learn how to conduct adequate research so you can make knowledgeable investments.

You'll also learn how to identify new and upcoming coins so you can be in the driver seat when we see the next coin to bring in 1000% of its original value.

You will be given practical support and mentoring advice to ensure that you completely understand the various strategies and techniques that are important for every successful cryptocurrency trader and investor.

We have trained several students on how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency. Our course will teach you how to profit from cryptos whether they are rising or falling in value.

The cryptocurrency market is opened 24/7 with over $10 billion per day trading volume. Become a professional trader or investor and claim your share of the cryptocurrency market.

To start investing, no prior experience is necessary. All you require is a PC or laptop, good internet connection and a decent investment strategy. Many successful investors have no previous experience of trading in the cryptocurrency market. If you have the desire to succeed, a willingness to increase your earning potential and want to join the thousands of people who are already making money from cryptocurrency, then this training course is ideal for you.

Selected Topics in our Cryptocurrency Investment Course:

  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets
  • Investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin and Altcoins mining
  • Trading cryptos and advanced strategies

Course Lecturers: Mr. Oladayo Sakoto, Mr. Rapheal Adedoyin
Training Fee: N20,000
Training Location: Our office address at Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos state, Nigeria. We provide online video training, one-on-one training at your home, office or preferred location.
Duration of Training: 3 weeks.

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