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We are now offering accurate Forex signals to all traders in Nigeria and the rest of the World. Our premium signals are provided by our Team of experienced Forex Professionals with years of solid trading.

Signals comes with winning accuracy up to 80% monthly on a conservative model.

Signals are sent when appropriate market setups are met.

All signals come with: Entry price, Currency pair, Stop Loss, Take profit

Signals are sent by SMS/Text Message to registered subscribers

Subscribe to our Accurate Forex Signals for just $30(?9000) monthly

Make between 400 – 800 pips monthly



Do I need computer or trading experience to use your Forex Signals?
Yes. To receive our Forex Signals, you need to have a basic knowledge of Forex trading. The signals would be sent to your phone, you need to place the trades on your trading account. If you have no knowledge of forex trading, its advisable you register for our advanced Forex Training Course by calling: 08144333114

Can I use the Signals with any Forex broker?
Yes, you can use the signals we send to trade with any broker, as long as they offer MT4 as a trading platform.

How much does your Signal Service cost?
Our forex signals costs $30(Thirty Dollars) monthly.  Or a Naira equivalent of ?9000 (Nine Thousand Naira)

How can I subscribe to your signal?
To subscribe, make payment of ?9000 (Nine Thousand Naira) to any of our Company accounts listed below:

If you would like to make a payment of $30 instead, we accept Neteller & Perfect Money payments.

To get our Neteller or Perfect Money account number,                                                                                                       Kindly call 08144333114 or mail:

After making your payments, kindly fill the SMS Subscription Form at the bottom of this page


What is the minimum account balance I need to trade your signals?
You can start with any amount, but a starting balance of $50 or $100 is okay. You need to have sound money management skills in order to protect your forex capital.

Can I use your Signals on my Live or demo account?
Forex trading is a risky business. You can use our signals on any account type, Live or demo. You are fully responsible for any profits or loss you make on your trading accounts.

Do you accept foreign subscribers?
Yes we accept subscribers outside Nigeria. Our SMS sending platform broadcast to local and international lines.

When are the signals sent?
Signals are sent when the appropriate trade setup is confirmed.

Our Technical analyst trades around forex economic news events. As a subscriber to our signal service:

Firstly: before a trading signal is sent, you would receive a SMS/Text message 20-30 minutes earlier reminding you to get ready for the signal that would be sent shortly.

Secondly, you would receive another SMS/Text message containing the trading signal. e.g. BUY USDCAD AT 1.2740

Finally, you would receive a third SMS/Text message with the STOP LOSS and TAKE PROFIT of the signal that was sent in stage 2. e.g. BUY USDCAD at 1.2740. STOP LOSS at 25 pips. TAKE PROFIT at 50 pips

What are your Forex signals STOP LOSS & TAKE PROFIT?
Average StopLoss between 20-30 pips. Average Take Profit between 50-70 pips.

For more enquires/payment: Contact us: 08144333114, 07062337144


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Forex trading is a risky business and its possible you can lose your capital. Forex trading may not be suitable for all investors. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose. Before deciding to trade, please ensure you understand the risks involved and take into account your level of experience.

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