How to withdraw Money from Neteller to your Bank in Nigeria

Neteller is an online e-money transfer and payment method, it was created in Canada in 1999. This method of e-money transfer was not really open for Nigerians until late 2013 when they extended their services to Nigeria. With Neteller, one can easily fund and withdraw money from sites that offer Neteller services and also transfer funds received to their bank accounts. To use Neteller you must first sign up to own an account. Transferring funds directly from Neteller to Nigerian bank accounts can be ineffective and at times and sometimes not effective at all.

I will be showing you three methods that you can use to withdraw funds from your Neteller to your bank account.

Directly from the Neteller Website:

First of all, you need to sign in, Open the website, and click on sign in, enter your registered email or Account ID and fill in your password. Next you click on the Money out section and select Bank Withdrawal. You will need to add your Bank account details; Click on add a bank account and enter your bank details. Confirm that your details are correct, then click on continue and then you can submit, it takes 3-5
working days for your transaction to be reviewed and processed and there is a fixed fee of $10 for
this process.
Follow the above steps and you can easily withdraw money from your Neteller to your Bank
Account, but note that the method is only available to some countries and may or may not be
available in Nigeria.

Using E-Currency Exchange Sites:

You can use money exchange websites to make your transfers, there are many sites that offer this service. In this case you will have to sell your e-money to them and they fund your Bank account with its equivalent, you need to carefully check out websites that are reliable before starting the transaction, this may seem like the best method to use because it saves you time. is a reliable Neteller exchanger in Nigeria. You can sell your Neteller funds to them and get your Naira in few minutes

Using the Neteller Net + Prepaid Mastercard:

Another method is by using the Neteller Net+ Prepaid Mastercard, similar to your normal ATM credit or debit card, you can use it on ATM machines to transfer your funds to your bank accounts.  To get one you need to apply, login to
your Neteller account and click on Net+ Cards, click on Get Net+ Prepaid Mastercard. Then check and confirm if your mailing address is correct, because that is where the card will be addressed to and delivered. Next you choose your currency, since it is for Nigeria you will have to choose the Nigerian Naira (NGN), you can choose otherwise if you have specific considerations.
You will then be asked to select a four digit pin code just like a normal ATM would require, input a not too easy code and one that you can easily remember, once done you can then click the confirm button.
The card is due to arrive within 3 – 10 working days, and a shipping fee of $12 is required and will be deducted from your Neteller account.
You can with withdraw money from Neteller to your bank account in Nigeria by using any of the
three methods provided above. But I recommend you sell to exchanger sites because the other
methods may not be fully effective in Nigeria.