How to withdraw money from Skrill in Nigeria

If you are a Nigerian, residing in Nigeria and into any form of online business: forex trading, online sports betting, freelancing, mini importation, e.t.c. You would have come to realize that one of the most popular payment systems to utilize in receiving your online earnings is via

The international company, Skrill is very important when it comes to sending and receiving money online. They are among the best; most secured and trusted online payment systems we have today. Luckily Nigeria is among their list of accepted countries as that wasn’t the case a few years back.

These days, Nigerians use Skrill mostly for receiving money from friends and Family relatives abroad, withdrawal of profits from their various internet businesses and accepting payment for goods and services.

The major difficulty experienced by Nigerian users of Skrill is the bad exchange rate that is used to convert their US Dollar Skrill funds to Naira whenever they request for a withdrawal to their bank account. It is not uncommon for one to correctly calculate the very low Dollar to Naira rates that was used to arrive at the Naira funds that was eventually credited to his/her Nigerian bank account. These unprofitable rates are miles lower than the prevailing market rates at every given time.

The most painful part of this scenario is that one is not aware of the particular exchange rate that would be used to convert your Skrill USD funds to Naira once you make the withdrawal request. We are left at the mercy of the banks and financial institutions.

Worry no more as a reputable e-Currency exchange in Nigeria is set to end this depressing experience of Nigerian Skrill users. is set to buy your Skrill USD funds at very good exchange rates and the good thing about it is that you would be fully aware of the Dollar to Naira rates that would be used. Therefore you are certain of the exact amount that would be credited to your Naira bank account. We buy skrill money no matter the currency of your Skrill account, be it in US dollars, Pounds, Canadian dollars.

Since 2012, MyTopExchange has been in the business of buying and selling of e-currencies. The company deals on popular payment systems such as bitcoin, perfect money, Payoneer, Neteller e.t.c.

At the homepage of MyTopExchange website, customers can see the current buy/sell prices of the various e-currencies that can be exchanged, this way you are in the know of how much Naira you would receive when you are about to sell your Skrill funds  or any other e-currency.

How to Sell your Skrill funds to MyTopExchange


In order to sell your skrill funds to MyTopExchange, you must have first have a Neteller account. Neteller is another popular online payment system that is also a sister company to skrill. Neteller and Skrill are both owned by the same multinational online payments company, Paysafe Group Limited.

Most registered users of Skrill already owned a Neteller account as both payment websites collaborate effectively with each other. But in case you are just learning about Neteller, then you can quickly sign up for a new Neteller account. After opening your Neteller account, ensure you complete the verification process by uploading the required proof of identity and address documents. Verification of your Neteller account is important to remove all limits from the account.


Once your Neteller account is fully verified, you are then ready to sell your skrill funds to MyTopExchange. Ensure you are aware of the buying rate for skrill before you sell your funds. Always check the homepage at to know the current skrill buy/sell prices for the day.

Now login to your Neteller account and click on Money In as seen in the image below

Inside the Money In page, you would see a list of recommended Payment Options for deposit of funds into Neteller. Scroll down a little and you would see Skrill. Click on the Skrill logo as seen in the image below.

Inside the deposit with Skrill page, type in the amount in USD you would like to deposit into your Neteller account via Skrill. There is a 3% processing fee that would be charged by skrill for this transaction. This fee would be instantly deducted from your skrill account balance once you perform the deposit transaction. For instance, if you are depositing 100USD to your Neteller account, 3% of this amount which is 3USD would also be deducted from your Skrill account balance once the transaction is completed.

MyTopExchange would cover the 3% Neteller deposit fee that is deducted from your skrill account and pay you the Naira equivalent for this money. We don’t want you to be discouraged by this fee, therefore have decided to pay the 3% deposit fee along with the Neteller amount you sell to us.

To prevent abuse, you are required to send a transaction screenshot of the skrill – Neteller deposit transaction clearly displaying the 3% deposit fee you were charged.  Send this evidence to:


After entering the amount you are depositing via skrill, click on continue as seen in the image below.

You would then be redirected to a Skrill payment checkout page where you would be required to login to your skrill account and approve the transaction.

On transaction successful, you would be redirected back to your Neteller account where you would see the exact amount you deposited via skrill has been credited to your Neteller account account.


This is the final stage. You can proceed to sell your Neteller funds to MyTopExchange. Before buying or selling of any e-currency with MyTopExchange, you need to first register on the website.

If you are a new user, you can quickly register by clicking

 Important Notice

Please remember that you are to send the 3% skrill fee transaction screenshot for deposit to your Neteller account in order to get this money paid back to your Naira account along with the Neteller amount you sold to MyTopExchange.

If you don’t send this screenshot, it would be assumed you were a traditional Neteller customer that ONLY sold Neteller funds to MyTopExchange.

Kindly call MyTopExchange on 08144333114 before selling your Neteller/Skrill funds

MyTopExchange buy/sell rates for Neteller are among the highest and most competitive in the e-currency exchange market in Nigeria, therefore you are selling your skrill funds at the best rates possible.