Buy and Sell PayPal Funds in Nigeria

Are you looking for how to fund (deposit) or Withdraw money from Paypal in Nigeria? Well, popular online currency exchange company, MyTopExchange, now support the PayPal online payment system. Exchange of PayPal funds is now possible on the MyTopExchange website homepage. With our PayPal exchange service, you can safely withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account in Nigeria.

Over the years, our loyal customers continue to request that we should add PayPal among our accepted e-currencies so that they can be able to convert their PayPal funds to Naira. Now, our clients have the avenue to sell their PayPal funds to us and get paid to their bank account in Nigeria. You can always count on us for our unbeatable speed in processing your transactions. MyTopExchange have finally eliminated the difficulty faced to receive money through paypal in Nigeria. For Nigerians residing abroad looking for a genuine way to send money to Nigeria with Paypal, you can trust MyTopExchange to offer you unbeatable services.

PayPal is an American company established in 1998 to provide online money transfer services worldwide. PayPal is the most popular online payment system in the world used by millions of people and organizations globally. PayPal allow users to send and receive money instantly with an email address.
Due to the poor international reputation Nigeria has regarding financial fraud and scam, PayPal only allow Nigerians to send money but not to receive money. This limitation has prevented legitimate users to experience difficulties in receiving money into their PayPal account. With the help of VPN and virtual bank account, they end up operating PayPal account in countries (USA, UAE, Germany, and UK) that have full access for sending and receiving money.
But the problem arises after they have earn money to their foreign PayPal account, as withdrawing the funds to their Nigerian bank accounts could be challenging due to scarcity of exchangers for PayPal in Nigeria.
With this perfect addition of PayPal among our supported e-currencies and payment systems, your search for legitimate PayPal exchangers in Nigeria is over. Don’t also forget we already exchange InstaForex, Perfect Money, Neteller, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Skrill and
As usual, our exchange rates still remains competitive and attractive, kindly check our website for today’s e-currency prices. To buy or sell PayPal and other e-currencies on MyTopExchange, you would have to login to your account profile on the website to carry out your transaction by visiting

How to Sell your PayPal Funds to

Kindly follow the instructions below in order to quickly sell your PayPal funds to us and get paid in Naira.

  1. If you are a new customer to our website, then you have to first register in order to perform any transactions with us. To register a new account visit Once your account registration is activated, you can then proceed to login to your new account profile.
  2. Login to your account profile and click on Withdraw ECurrency. Inside the Withdraw ECurrency page, you would find the guidelines to sell PayPal funds to us.
  3. You MUST be the owner of the verified PayPal account you are using to send funds to us. Please send a screenshot of your PayPal Account Settings page showing your name and email – . Send this screenshot to ([email protected])
  4. We ONLY accept Payments from your PayPal balance. Kindly send a Screenshot of your PayPal home page showing balance. Send this screenshot to ([email protected])
  5. We use a PayPal business account to receive funds from our PayPal customers, therefore all incoming transactions to us are Goods & Services (GnS) only.
  6. PayPal charges a fee for any incoming transaction to our account. The sender of the funds pays the PayPal fee.

We are glad to answer any questions about our exchange of PayPal. Please contact us for support line (08144333114).
MyTopExchange team.