Buy Ethereum in Nigeria

Ethereum (Ether or ETH) is one of the recognized Cryptocurrencies being used in Nigeria. Trading on Cryptocurrencies has over the years become popular in Nigeria, with online traders making huge profits from it. Ethereum is a bit similar with Bitcoin because they are both on the Blockchain technology, but they are still different in some ways as Ethereum is used for more purposes than the Bitcoin. is a reputable cryptocurrency exchange company in Nigeria that you can buy Ethereum from. We are among the few Ethereum exchangers in Nigeria. We buy and sell Ethereum from/to our esteem customers to matter the volume they need. We always have enough Ether and Naira to cater for your demand.

Kindly see the procedure below to fund your Ethereum wallet using
Visit our website homepage ( ) and login to your account profile. The login button is located at the top left hand side of the website.

  1. If you are a new member to our website, you have to first register by clicking
  2. After registration and account activation, you can then proceed to login to your account dashboard.
  3. On successful login, click on the Fund ECurrency page located at the top left hand side of your account dashboard.
  4. On the Fund ECurrency page, you would see our company bank account details. We have corporate accounts with Fidelity, Zenith and Guaranty Trust Bank. There is a form at the bottom of the page to fill after you have made payment to us.
  5. Kindly check the homepage of our website ( to see the current funding rate for Ethereum. Then multiply the rate by how many US dollars you are buying.
    • For example, if a client want to fund his Ethereum wallet with 100USD. And the current funding rate for ETH on our website is N380 per USD.
    • The client would then multiply 100 x 380 = 38,000
    • Therefore he would make a payment of N38,000 to our bank account in order to get a Ether deposit of $100
  6. After payment to our bank account, quickly proceed to fill the form at the bottom of the Fund ECurrency page. Fill the form with your Ethereum address, depositor name, amount paid, date of payment, then click the Submit button.
  7. After we receive your form details and we confirm your payment to our bank account, we would fund your ETH wallet immediately.