MyTopExchange Prices: InstaForex: BUY: ₦380 / $1 OR ₦360 / $1, SELL: ₦340 / $1    Perfect Money: BUY: N370.00, SELL: N340.00 BUY: N370.00, SELL: N340.00    Litecoin: BUY: N380.00, SELL: N330.00    Bitcoin Cash: BUY: N380.00, SELL: N330.00    Skrill: BUY: N380.00, SELL: NILL    Payoneer: BUY: N370.00, SELL: N330.00    Neteller: BUY: N380.00, SELL: N325.00    Bitcoin: BUY: N370.00, SELL: N340.00    Ethereum: BUY: N380.00, SELL: N330.00    PayPal: BUY: N370.00, SELL: N300.00    To place your order: Call 08144333114. WhatsApp 08065167701.

Dear Customer, Our e-Currency withdrawal platform is secure, instant and automated. Once your withdrawal transaction is successful, you should receive your bank credit alert within few minutes.



ETHEREUM: 0xf222B0027D8f2da10E30E89Bcfd2901444E47b91

BITCOIN CASH: qr6e8qmnjjjl3u9ccd8jswes6xq5x7767urjxxc2qm

LITECOIN: LRqS4DUk7872VLyixR8ToMcWsgdZME49wo

PAYONEER: Call: 08144333114 or WhatsApp 08065167701

NETELLER: Call: 08144333114 or WhatsApp 08065167701

PAYPAL: Call: 08144333114 or WhatsApp 08065167701

VERY IMPORTANT ALERT: READ BEFORE YOU SEND ANY E-CURRENCY ============================================================

1. Minimum Amount you can sell to us is: 20USD
2. Minimum Neteller/Payoneer/PayPal you can sell to us is: 50USD
3. When sending Neteller, PayPal or Payoneer, do not type ANY message in the remark/description like exchange, Naira payment, mytopexchange, my bank account e.t.c. Just leave the box empty when making transfer.
4. For Bitcoin transfer, ensure a recommended/good amount of miner fee is paid so that your transaction will get confirmed faster. If your transaction confirmation is pending for a longer time and price falls, our system will recalculate your withdrawal. You will receive cash worth as at the time of confirmation only.
5. Important Notice For PayPal customers:
---(i)--- We use a PayPal business account to receive funds from our PayPal customers, therefore all incoming transactions to us are Goods & Services (GnS) only.

---(ii)--- PayPal charges a fee for all incoming transactions to our account. The sender of the funds pays the PayPal fee.

6. Are you a new customer and you want to sell Neteller/Payoneer funds to us?
We first have to verify that you are the TRUE owner of the Neteller/Payoneer account you are sending money from. Therefore you have to send a screenshot photo of your Neteller/Payoneer Account dashboard clearly showing your FULL NAMES and email address. The FULL NAMES on the Neteller/Payoneer Account screenshot photo must match with the FULL NAMES of your bank details that you saved on
Please send the screenshot photo to our email address:

After successful transfer to our eCurrency Account, kindly fill the notification form below.